The Youth Centre Blog

November 1, 2019

New activity of Junior Bake off/Dec off

Hello Readers,

We hope you are well and looking forward to the forthcoming Christmas period.

In September we consulted with our returning members on what they would like to do this term. The young people had some great ideas which will be used to programme into our additional activities schedule. The following week the young people enjoyed scratch art while the staff began to prepare for the next session. The last week we announced our new activity of Junior Bake off/Dec off. The young people organised their teams of 3 or 4 and made a base for their planned cake decorating competition in the coming weeks. The members will be provided with a cake and various items to decorate it with and given 45 minutes to unleash their creative talents as a team. The whole club was buzzing with chat, design and the making of their cardboard base. Almost everyone wanted to be part of a team so there was very little table tennis, pool or football played that night.

Please note: The Friday club is closed until further notice.