The Youth Centre Blog

December 7, 2020

Happy Christmas and Welcome to a new member of staff

Dear Readers,

We really hope you are well and looking forward to Christmas – a time of being together, to remember that whatever this year has brought us, there is always hope that next year will be better.

During October we announced the first new young member of staff to join our team during this Virtual period. He has already designed, planned, and delivered a virtual activity. Everyone drew a picture of a member of staff, on presentation to the group we all had to guess who it was. Thank you, we all had a great laugh.

In addition to the various games we played we also enjoyed a Halloween night (with a bit of a difference). Dressing up was optional (unfortunately due to how we run our groups we do not share photos of members at present) but we can share a photos of staff who arrived dressed for the occasion. Also, during the session Kerry (the lead worker) made out she had a technical hitch with the video and had a black screen, on returning she had a gruesome mask on and made silly noises! We enjoyed a Halloween quiz which had some information on the history behind Halloween or we could say “Samhain”. We had a Quiz of Halloween music – Kerry played various themed tracks (and sort of danced with the mask on) while members and staff guessed the tune. We also completed a Halloween word search on screen, all participants can use a virtual pen to circle the words they spot.

The nights are now long and often boring, particularly for young people faced with the regular choice of either get on with the homework or have a quick game on the console. Well now they have a different option!
If you know someone in school years 5, 6, 7 or 8 (the last 2 years of Junior and first 2 years of High school) let them know what we are doing. We are open to new and existing members, once they have signed up, they can attend as often as they choose, once a week, term time only. Membership is free, attendance is free.

We use the ZOOM app and meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:30pm.

We are hoping that in the New Year, we will also be able to offer Activity packs to members, delivered FOC to their door so members will have other positive activities to do before coming to the Youth Club. Watch this space – we will keep you posted.

We are very pleased to be able to inform you that we have been successful in a Grant application to Broadland District Council . We have been awarded £300. Our plan is to produce activity packs for members which will be FREE OF CHARGE and delivered to their door. These will include items for constructing, decorating, and displaying or as gifts to others. Watch this space for further news and photos of what is on offer for young people in your area.