The Youth Centre Blog

September 2, 2019

American themed night with quiz, bunting, flag and hot dogs

Hello Readers,

We hope you enjoyed the summer holidays and are not too tired from all the extra activities the summer has to offer.

In July we celebrated our success of the Fayre and enjoyed being presented with the shield again with our club name engraved on it, some young people took a selfie with the shield! The Taverham History society also gave us a golden Oscar to complement our efforts this year – Thank you 🙂

The members also enjoyed; an American themed night with quiz, bunting, flag and hot dogs, make your own banana smoothies, make your trifle and a final session with a Norfolk theme (almost to coincide with the newly created NORFOLK DAY 27th July). The young people tested their knowledge of Norfolk with a quiz and learned some new information/surprising facts of Norfolk. Our food that night was all very local produce. Don’t forget our club/s are now supporting the Hallswood animal sanctuary and the Hogmedods hedgehog support by collecting empty crisp packets which they recycle for cash. If you would like to recycle more feel free to add to our collection during opening hours.