Advertising in the Taverham Newsletter

All the information you need is below. You will find pricing for advert sizes against the duration you wish to advertise for. Please know that not only will your advert be delivered to nearly 5000 homes in the Taverham area, but you are also supporting our community by contributing to the Newsletter.

How much does it cost?

The Newsletter is an A4 sized magazine and the advertising prices against the sizes can be found below.

Size Width (cm) Height (cm) 1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
1/24 6 3 £12 £33 £55 £99
1/12a 6 6.5 £44 £66 £110 £198
1/8a 9.25 6.5 £66 £99 £165 £297
1/8b 6 10 £66 £99 £165 £297
1/4a 9.25 13.5 £126 £198 £330 £590
1/2a 18 13.5 £200 £396 £660 £1190
Full page 18.5 26.5 £300 £800 £1320 £1850
Back cover Whole page £2040

See the different sizes

How do I start advertising?

  1. Email your advert to Kate Ross - Ensure your advert is a high resolution and the image format is PDF, JPG, JPEG or MS Word.
  2. Download and fill in our application form.
  3. Send the application form to Kate by email or by post: 24 Rossons Road, Taverham, NR8 6RE.
  4. Make the payment by Bank Transfer using Sort Code 206268 Acc. No. 60910767. Or by Cheque made payable to 'TAVERHAM NEWSLETTER'.

What is a featured advert on the website, and how do I get one?

A featured advert on the website is given to all Newsletter advertisers whose advert size is 1/8 or larger - at no extra cost!

The key benefits of a featured online advert over a simple online advert are:

  • All featured listings are positioned higher in the search results
  • A business logo is added to add instant brand recognition
  • A brighter background colour and a larger space
  • A Featured badge
  • A larger 'View' listing button in bright red
  • All business owners can add up to four photographs to their listing by emailing the Website Manager
  • More likely to receive more advert clicks

To see an example of a featured listing, view Top Pixel's listing.