About Us

The Taverham Newsletter was started in 1965 by the local churches. A small group under the editorship of Charles Knapp, the Rector of St Edmund’s decided to raise the profile of their churches and produce and deliver a Newsletter free of charge to all the residents of Taverham.

Over the years there have been considerable changes. The Newsletter is now run by a small committee of volunteers and a large number of volunteer deliverers and distributors. Originally delivered to about 850 homes, it is still delivered free every month to nearly 5000 homes and businesses now. Colour was introduced to the outside cover (front and back) in June 2012 although colour had been used on the front cover previously. The latest move was to go live in 2015 to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

The Newsletter is entirely self funding relying on advertising to cover the costs.

David Ross (Editor 2011 – )